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Ravadinovo - Pomorie route

Starting point: At the tour operator's proposal

Route: Ravadinovo village – Sozopol – Chernomorets – Burgas – Sarafovo - Pomorie

Endpoint: Upon preposition of the tour operator


9.30 am Arriving in front of The Castle In love with the wind, Ravadinovo village (GPS 42.38925, 27.67181)
9.30 am – 11.15 am Viewing the Castle
11.15 am – 11.30 am Traveling to Sozopol
11.30 am – 12.00 am Tour of the Archaelogical Museum (GPS 42.42181, 27.69276)
12.00 am – 12.30 am Tour of the Art Gallery (GPS 42.42528, 27.69937)
12.30 am – 1.30 pm Lunch in the Old Sozopol Restaurant (GPS 42.42611, 27.69637)
1.30 pm – 2.00 pm Tour of the Marina Port Sozopol (GPS 42.41922, 27.69001)
2.00 pm – 3.00 pm Traveling to Pomorie
3.00 pm – 4.00 pm Visit to Tohoun Winery (GPS 42.5607, 27.55448), wine tasting and buying wine
4.00 pm – 5.00 pm Visit to Boyar wine cellar (GPS 42.56264, 27.57291), wine tasting and buying wine
5.00 pm – 6.00 pm Visit to Black Sea Gold Winery (GPS 42.5584, 27.63917), wine tasting and buying wine
6.00 pm Departure from Pomorie

In Love In The Wind Castle

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The Castle In love with the wind is the accomplished childhood dream of George Tumpalov - architect, designer and builder who started the construction in 1996 and with 24-hour work of the whole family and workers from the nearby Ravadinovo village build a stone by stone a magnificent castle.

The style of the castle is like going out of fairy tales. It is built entirely of 20,000 tones of stone, which is specially extracted from the slopes of the Strandja Mountain.

The stone is marbled limestone and is present everywhere - the fence, the artificial lake, the walls and towers, the chapel and the winery.

It contains traces of micro-diamonds, so the castle changes its color in the different parts of the day, it is in the morning with pink, daylight is white and full moon - shines.

What makes the castle even more unique is that it is built in the shape of a cross - a sign of faith, love and dedication in its construction and development.

The Castle In Love in the Wind is a unique attraction not only for Bulgaria.

At the castle can be seen beautiful park with thousands of exotic trees, plants and flowers, deep lakes with freshwater fish and waterfowl, a fountain of wishes and magic pavilion, chapel, winery, art gallery, numerous bronze and marble sculptures, outdoor cinema and zoo corner.

In the castle can make wine tastings and exhibitions, organizing games (Escape - for families Treasure Hunter – for children and Seven mortal Sins – for adult), weddings, dance Championship Elite Tango Marathon, puppet shows, concerts and many other events.

The complex has a horse riding base, a restaurant and a café, a souvenir shop, a children's playground, a retro photo and free parking.

Ravadinovo village, Sozopol Municipality
+359 700 80058
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