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Zia Bakery

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Zia Bakery was established in 2003, and today there is already a chain of 11 bakeries - only in Burgas there are 10.

There is a bakery in Pomorie.

There are freshly baked snacks, cookies and croissants, banitsa, muffins, pizzas, cakes, muffins, biscuits, cookies, bread, loaves, etc. that enchant with incredible aroma and taste.

High-quality pastry is baked in front of a customer who can’t withstand the smell of butter, sugar, chocolate and toasted nuts. 

+359 56 803 280
Burgas, neighb. Lazur, Bl. 165

Burgas, neighb. Slaveykov, 44 Razdelitelna Str.
Burgas, 47 Stefan Stambolov Blvd.
Burgas, neighb. Izgrev, bl. 178
Burgas, 14 Tsar Petar Str.
Burgas, 70 Hristo Botev Str.
Dolno Ezerovo, 75 Zahari Zograf Str.
Burgas, 68 Demokratsia Blvd
Burgas, Lazur, 27 Koprivshtitsa Str.
Burgas, Lazur, 18 Veliko Tarnovo Str.
Pomorie, 8 Graf Ignatiev Str.


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