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The Katmi is a typical Strandzha-Sakarsko-Rhodope pastry dish that is found in the kitchen and other parts of Bulgaria. It differs from the popular American pancake in that the yeast mix is put in the katma mix. The Katmi can be eaten hot or cold, with a sweet or salty, filling or natural. Prepare a ring of sack on wood charcoal. The old grandmothers say the more holes the katmi has, the more fluffy and tasty.

500 g of flour
600 g of hot water
1 cube of yeast
A pinch of sugar
A pinch of salt
Butter or melted grease for spreading

Method of preparation:
Flour is sifted and placed in a large bowl. A pinch of salt is added to it. Place the yeast in a cup and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar until it jolts. Then add warm water to it and stir until the yeast dissolves to form a homogeneous mixture. Add the leavened yeast to the flour. Gradually and with constant stirring, warm water is added until a dense as a boza mixture is obtained. The mixture is allowed to rise. The ladle is taken from the mixture and poured into a pre-oiled piece of bacon clay sachet. The katma is baking on both sides. When ready, it is lubricated with oil. It can be consumed with jam, honey, cheese, etc.

Kalinka Kostova, Cherepovo village, Harmanli municipality

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