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Maslenitsa (butter cake)

Recipes for making Maslenitsa has a lot, but the secret is to roll the bark. He wants a master and patience. Maslenitsa is preparing for church and family holidays in almost every home in the southeastern part of Bulgaria. Recipes are passed on from generation to generation through older women in families and are popular today.

1 bucket of yogurt
5 eggs
1 cube of yeast
A pinch of sugar
A pinch of salt
1 kg of flour (as much as you can)
200 g of cheese
Oil or melted grease for spreading

Method of preparation:
The yeast is poured with sugar and left to smell. Dissolves with a little warm water. Eggs are crushed by leaving 2 yolks per side. The yogurt is mixed with the broken eggs and the pre-sifted flour is gradually added to the mixture. Add a pinch of salt. Mix a soft dough, which is divided into 9 balls. Each ball is rolled over a large bark. Top sprinkle with oil or grease and with crushed cheese. The bark is rolled. Thus, 9 rolls are prepared. Three rolls are tangled in a braid and the three braids so prepared are placed next to each other in a oil-melted pan. They remain stuck. Finished yarns are smeared on top with broken egg yolks and a little oil. The Maslenitsa is baked for about an hour in a preheated oven at 180°C.

Tinka Lecheva, Dositeevo village, Harmanli Municipality

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