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Stuffed lamb

The dish is traditionally prepared in Dositeevo village, Harmanli municipality for St. George's Day - May 6th. Everything is prepared from the day before and on the feast from early dawn is to be baked in a large clay oven.

1 lamb (10 to 15 kg clean)
1 lamb laver (set of inwards)
4-5 linseed green onions
2-3 connections fresh gosum
1 kg. rice
Salt, red pepper, black pepper
Butter or grease for spreading

Method of preparation:
The lambs liver is cut into retails and boiled in salted water. The rice is washed to make the starch fall and dry. Onion and gosum are chopped finely. Put the boiled inwards in the oil and add the onions, the gosum and the rice. Season with salt and pepper. Add warm water to soften the rice (the rice should not be placed in the lamb unprepared!). The lamb is filled with the stuffed, sutured with a thick suture and spread on all sides with salt, red pepper and oil (melted fat). The lamb is wrapped in aluminum foil and placed with a tray in a furnace or a large oven. Bake for moderate fire 4-6 hours or more, depending on the size of the lamb. Finally, the foil is removed to seal the lamb.

Tinka Lecheva, Dositeevo village, Harmanli Municipality

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