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Sweet banitsa with walnuts

Sweet banitsa is typical of Central Asia, where it is believed that the thin bark is coming. The Strandzha-Sakar culinary culture has absorbed the tastes of Anatolia and many of these dishes have settled permanently in the recipes of the women from the mountain villages.

1 bucket of yogurt (400 g)
500 g of flour
1 p. baking powder (or 1 tea spoon of soda)
½ tea cup oil
2 tea cup chopped walnuts
1 tea cup sugar
About syrup:
500 g of sugar
600 g of water

Method of preparation:
In a deep pan stir the yogurt with 1 baking powder. Add a portion of the oil. The other is reserved for spreading. Flour is sifted and added gradually to the milk. Mix until smooth dough is obtained. Allow a little to rise. Dough is divided into balls. From each ball is rolled out a crust, smeared with oil and topped with the stuffing (walnuts and sugar). Throw a large pan with oil. In the center of the tray, one of the stuffed baking barks is roll up in a "snail". The next bark is also wrapped in snails and placed around it until the pan is full. Bake the pan for about 1 hour in the oven at a temperature of 180°C. After it is cooked it is allowed to cool. Prepare a syrup of sugar and water. If desired, vanilla or other essence can be added. The syrup is allowed to cool slightly and is not very hot on the cold pastry. She leaves for a few hours, and best for one night.

Neli Maneva, Cherepovo village, Harmanli Municipality

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