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Winding banitsa with sesame and walnuts

2 tea cup flour
½ l of fresh milk
4-5 home-made eggs
1 cube of yeast
A pinch of salt
1 table spoon vinegar
1 tea cup sesame (raw, slightly chopped)
1 tea cup walnuts
About syrup:
2 tea cup sugar
2 tea cup water
1 vanilla

Method of preparation:
The flour is sifted and mixed with the stirred milk and eggs. Leave 1 egg yolk to spread. Add a pinch of salt and vinegar to the mixture (for dough elasticity). The yeast is sprinkled with sugar. When it swells, a little warm water is added to it until it dissolves. The yeast is added to the remaining dough products. Allow to rise. When ready, balls are formed from the dough. Each ball is pulled to a thin crust. In each bark, add the stuffing - sesame (leave a little to sprinkle on top), walnuts and sugar. The bark turns on a "snail" and is placed in the center of a oil-crushed pan. Around it is arranged the rest of the coarsely stuffed bark with stuffing. On the top are smeared yolk, mixed with a little warm water and sprinkled with the remaining sesame. Bake in a moderate oven (180°C). when the banitsa is ready, it is left to cool completely. At that time, syrup of sugar and water is prepared. Add the vanilla. Stir the syrup over the pastry and leave for a few hours.

Dimka Krasteva, Harmanli

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