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Dried Midinnik


For dough: 1 cup milk, 1 cup warm water, 1 cup oil, 2 egg yolk, 1 cubic yard of yeast, 1 teaspoon sugar, flour as much as salt.

For the internal waiter: 5-6 large onions, 1 soup spoon pepper, 14-16 chicken shanks and wings, 1 sweet red pepper, 3 tablespoons flour / warm water, butter / oil, chicken broth.

Preparation of

The middle of the flour is opened like a pool and a flint salt is added. Yeast is opened in warm water with the addition of a tea spoon of sugar. Yeast water, milk, vegetable oil and egg yolk are added and kneaded with a flour in an earlobe consistency with flour. The dough is cut into 7-8 meringue and rested for at least half an hour under a cloth cover. On the other side, chicken shanks and wings are boiled well with a flint salt in 1 liter of water. The onions are chopped as edible. ¾ a cup of water glass oil is taken deeply and the onions are blotted with a flint salt addition. Add onion and powdered red pepper to the onions that start to lose their characteristics and continue to roast. Add the boiled meat to the onion sauce and turn for a few minutes until the flavors are mixed. Chicken juice is added to the amount of meat to be passed over and the salt is adjusted. On one side, 3 tablespoon flour is opened with warm water. The flour is diluted with water and added to the meal. Intermittent mixing is expected and a piece of water is taken and all flavors are extracted. In the meantime, the resting dough beads open up to the size of the plate. Each dough is poured in a mixture of oil and melted butter and the other dough is opened and added to the top. No grease is applied on the last layer. A portion of the loaf and the top layer of dough will be baked and opened to the extent that it will be used out. The pitch is lubricated and the dough is opened as a single layer. The pulp that is opened extends 8-10 cm outward. The chicken with the sauces looted at the edge is spread all over the place. The salty sauce in Boza consistency is also added to the amount to be spread on the base of the sinus. The dough, which is carried to the edge, is folded inward on the moss. In the middle of the folding pass, a plate width is left open. Gently pour the butter-oil mixture over the folded dough and remove to the oven. Pomegranate-like chicken pie kept in the oven until the reddish-brown as the pomegranate is put into the table.

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