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Edirne Feta Cheese

Edirne white cheese is famous all over Turkey. Edirne's most famous products. The white cheese in the market has been called Edirne Cheese for many years. Edirne Cheese has been known all over the world as being rich and high in quality and high quality of processed poultry cheese. Despite having lost some of its former importance today, Edirne Cheese is very sought after and kept. In the 1930s, an average of 2,000 tons of white cheese was produced annually in Thrace. It is known that more than half of these are supplied from Edirne. In Edirne, white cheese has its own unique form of construction. The milk is first boiled to 70 degrees. It is cooled to 30 degrees and fermented. The fermentation temperature varies according to the weather conditions. After 1 and 5 hours, a curd is formed. Cendere is taken to the glands, is left to drain. This takes about 3.5 hours, then the salt is cast into the molds and lined up in tin. It is sent to the icehouse. The gymnasium takes its flavor in 45 days, ready for sale and offered for sale.

Features of Edirne Cheese

Edirne White Cheese is made with single milk. In other words, milk is not used. Milk contains different nutritional values according to the seasons. For example, cow's milk nutrition values (Protein, calcium, fat, etc.) in May are different from November values. That is why the vegetation cover is different. Feeding the dairy cattle according to the variability of the natural plant cover ensures that the produced cheese has different values. This applies in sheep and goat milk. Therefore, Edirne White Cheese carries the characteristic features and aroma of the relevant month in different months of the year.

Accordingly, milk of each breed carries its own characteristics. Cow's milk protein, calcium, fat values such as sheep and goat breeding are different. At different times, it has been observed that the mixture of milk with different characteristics causes incompatibility in cheese formation, mutually ineffective protein, vitamins useful for human health, and aromatic imbalance.

Instead of sheep cheese due to excessive supply and demand, cow cheese and also white cheese mixed with cow-sheep are produced, which shade the old Edirne cheese.

As suggested, only cheese produced using sheep or goat milk does not have the unwanted odor and aroma, but rather reflects its own unique taste.

Another basic feature of Edirne White Cheese is; (cow, sheep, goat) is to be boiled and baked in a maximum of 1 hour after milking. In today's conditions, production principle; all hygiene rules are applied, food safety is believed to be believed and the truth is the closest to traditional production.

Edirne White Cheese is full fat. It takes its own flavor and taste from its oil.

Edirne White Cheese is transparent, bright and white in color.

Edirne White Cheese does not contain pores.

Edirne White Cheese completes ripening in brine (salt water) at different times. Maturation times were the average of the subjects used; cow milk 6 months, goat milk 8 months, sheep milk 12 months.

Maturation process is very important for cheese. Cow's milk cheese is absorbed and released 3 times in 6 months period.

For Edirne White Cheese, the refrigerator conditions require a separate specialty. Cheese is mature in a special cold room in brine at +4 to +6 degrees in temperature and at a certain height from the ground. Cheese of each type is kept in different grades. In addition, the cheese is often checked during the maturation process in the ice-cube environment. According to the situation of development, physical
position is changed by movements in horizontal and vertical directions.

The Edirne White Cheese is made from the end of an unleavened oven. This beaker is dried and can be used for a long time (1 - 1,5 years).

Edirne White cheese has the ideal flavor limit. Cheese that completes the ripening process should be consumed within 3 months from the first contact with air.

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