The project is co-funded by European Union through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Turkey Programme.

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Food With Gerdan Vegetables


6 slices of lamb necklaces, 2 small chopped carrots, 2 medium sized chopped potatoes, 1 water glass of fresh peas, half bunch of leaves finely chopped parsley, 1 bunch of finely chopped dill, 1 bunch of finely chopped green onions, 1 tablespoon oil, enough salt and black pepper.

Preparation of

Stalks are washed in plenty of water. The sliced necklaces are boiled in six cups of water and the foams that accumulate on them are removed with a spoon. After adding peas and carrots and cooking, add potatoes and cook a little more. Then add green onion, parsley, half of dill, salt, pepper and meat softness is checked.
When serving, dill is sprinkled on top. Lemon juice is also available for catering during the service.

Region: Kırklareli
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