The project is co-funded by European Union through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Turkey Programme.

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Desired medium size onion, 300 grams of flaked lamb or lamb, 300 grams mince, 1/2 cup of brass, 2 lemon juice, black pepper / salt, oil.

Preparation of

The onions are turned into pouches. Considering the spices to be used in the inner spice, a piece of black pepper is put on the inside with fingers and lightly salted. Thus, both the taste and the salt will help soften the material and provide some flexibility. The onion slices that come out of them are sliced finely as they will be edible. In the case of a whole onion, the ring is cut into rings and taken to the side. Rice is kept in salted hot water for 10-12 minutes and removed from starch. Then filter it out. Small chopped sheep / lamb meat is cooked in high heat for 7-8 minutes with a few spoonful of oil. The fire is cut down and a tea glass is added to the hot water and cooked until soft. The lid of the lid is closed for cooking. In the meantime, finely ground onion mince, rice, spices and lemon juice are blended nicely with an internal mortar. The inside of the onion is filled with this mortar so that it is not too tight. Because the rice will bloom while cooking and the volume of onion will increase. Raw onion rings taken from the bottom of a furnace tray which is preferred according to the size of the material are arranged. These bulbs, which will be used as beds for tipping, are filled with onions. Roasted and boiled meat and growing onions are sprinkled over the onion fillings and among them. A glass of hot water is added from the side of the tray and the oven is given. It is cooked in a controlled manner. Note: Depending on the condition of the oven, a foil can be covered first, and finally the foil can be opened and opened. When the onion fillings are served, one more piece of lemon can be placed on it.

Region: Edirne
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