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Soka - Creamy Bosnian Pickles


Bosnian pepper, 1 kilogram goat or sheep milk, 1 kilogram milk slice, 750 grams feta cheese, Salt.

Preparation of

Peppers are opened from the lid part and the seed beds are cleaned as if they are prepared. The parts of the peppers which separate them into chambers are scraped with a knife to correct their internal parts. It is thoroughly washed and filtered, and the peppers are dried with a paper towel. The inside of the peppers is salted by hand and placed in a tray. Cover it with a dry cover and wait until the next day. Salt will be boiled by adding salt at the rate of 1 tablespoon per liter of the next day. When the milk is chilled on the edge it is handled with peppers. It will be seen that the inside of the peppers salted in the day is watered. This water is drained and gently shaken to the edge without washing. Then cheese and cream are taken to a deep bowl. A glass of warmed milk is added and crushed thoroughly with a fork to make them special. This material is stuffed into peppers and arranged so that it is not too tight to the jars. The missing parts are added from the increasing inner material and completed with the remaining milk. According to the desire is wrapped in a cloth and one day is waited for the fermentation to start. The next day in a cool place that does not see the sun or the refrigerator is expected to mature 20-30 days.

Region: Edirne
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