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Wheat Cheese Bread


Flour, 1/2 cup parsley oil, 3 eggs / salt / lukewarm water, 2 parsley coriander bulgur, 2 water-pepper bean curd cheese, 2 medium onions, 2 pointed peppers, 1 tablespoon tomato slice, salt, black pepper, dry mint, pepper, sesame seeds, turban grass, 2 egg yolks, 1/2 water glass yogurt, liquid oil (dough, spoon and on).

Preparation of

It is pooled and 3 eggs are broken in the middle. Liquid oil and salt are added. With the addition of controlled warm water, a paste is obtained in the lump consistency. The dough is rested under a cloth cover for half an hour. The dough is cut into 6-8 meringue size with a small apple size and hand-kneaded. Then a cloth is taken to rest under cover for half an hour. When dough is resting, the inner wheat of the findings cheese area is prepared. The onions are finely minced and swollen together with the oil. Seed beds are cleaned and finely chopped sharp peppers are added and lightly roasted. Extracted and washed bulgur is added and turned once or twice. The sauce is added to the material and the flavor is slightly removed. Add spices according to the desire and add hot water to the bulgur to pass a finger. Take it to a low heat and cover it for 5-6 minutes. Then the fire is turned off and the bulgur is bred in its own form and prepared like a rice prepared. Prepared bulgur pilaf is taken in a bowl and air is provided by the refreshment. The pilaf is added with broken cheese and it is ventilated and spread to all sides. From the restored bezel, the bunk
beds are opened on the table size. Two semicircular flakes are obtained by cutting from the middle of each flute. With the tip of the spoon, liquid oil is circulated over them and gently handed. The cut flat part is laid from the inner mortar along the length of several fingers and rolled up like a roll. To prevent the ends of the rolls from opening, they are knotted slightly and stretched by gently pulling the roll with the palm of the hand. Starting from the middle of a greased sinning, it is wrapped in Bosnian bough form. Each new roll continues from the other end to the end of the turn. Two eggs, a cup of oil and half a glass of water is mixed with yogurt and spread on the body. Optionally, sesame seeds and black sesame seeds are mixed and cooked in a medium heat cooker until six and over pomegranate. The pie removed from the flour is taken to the side and a few flip-flops are poured on the fingertips and rested under a cloth cover. It is then sliced and served warm.

Region: Edirne
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