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Feast of homemade sausage in Kosharitsa

Kosharitsa village, Nessebar municipality
Community Center "Svetlina"
+359 556 611 15, +359 556 611 12

One of the masterpieces in the Bulgarian national cuisine, along with the pies and banitsa, the yoghurt and the Shop’s salad, is the home sausage. In her honor, annually, around Ivan’s and Yordan’s Day in old style, in Kosharitsa village, Nessebar municipality is held a holiday. The event is part of the initiative of Nessebar Municipality to create a culinary map of the region. There is a competition for best master-sausage. One hundred pounds of fresh soujuk, donated by the Municipality of Nessebar, are baked in the center of the village. The inhabitants of the village are famous as unsurpassed masters of soujuk, so Kosharitsa is called "The Capital of the Sausage". Hundreds of guests at the feast taste raw or dried sudjuk, abundantly irrigated with wine. During the holiday amateur groups from the village dance and sing and then serpentine horo is dancing, garnish with delicious homemade sausage and a glass of red wine. Culinary celebrations are an interesting and entertaining way for tourists to experience the lives of locals and crafts that are developing in the region. Through the holiday, local producers are encouraged, and restaurateurs and meat processors can get acquainted with old culinary recipes that can change or give a whole new look to their restaurants.

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