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Trifon Zarezan in Sungurlare

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Sungurlare, Burgas district
Center for Support for Personal Development

On February 14, Sungurlare celebrates not only Trifon Zarezan, but also the city's holiday. Those who participate are inviting with "Whoever is happy, let takes bunch of flowers and become the king of the vine," a coronation of King of the vine is carried out in the courtyard of the Museum of Viticulture and Wine Producing. A crown of vine rods is given to the person wishing to take the role and the bunch of flowers is given. The rest put the king on a cartful and start ceremoniously circulating the vineyards, blessing them for more fertility.
Guests of the holiday are greeted with red wine. Many wine producers compete in a competition for the best white wine. At the Will of the King of the Vine, "The Dry Fountain" comes to life, and wine is rushed from it. On the "Ichmyata", in royal, organizes a feast with thick appetizers, grill, wine and schnapps.


Carnival of wine in Veselinovo village

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Veselinovo village, Tundzha municipality
+359 46 662 532
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The traditional "Carnival of Wine" is held on February 14 (or the closest weekends) at the stadium in Veselinovo village, Tundzha municipality. The organizers are "Old Waiter - 1924" AD and the Community Center Veselinovo. The carnival is of a competitive nature. Kuker groups from all over the country take part in it. Giant costumes, enormous masks and rumble of polygamous bells represent our folklore richness and create a unique sense of empathy for each of the hundreds of viewers who attend the festival.


Feast of the young wine in Gyulyovtsa

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Gyulyovtsa village, Nessebar municipality
+359 556 382 20

Every year, at 11.00 am on February 14, the Day of Wine and Love, in the center of Gyulyovtsa village, Nessebar municipality, gathers residents of the village and guests to celebrate the feast of the young wine in a pleasant atmosphere, sipping a sip of wine and enjoying delicious appetizers.


Feast of wine in Skalitsa

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Skalitsa village, Tundzha municipality
+359 4795 2228, +359 895 506 922
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The wine festival is held in the second Saturday of February, in Skalitsa village, Tundzha municipality, in front of the Community Center. It is organized by the municipality of Tundja, the town hall of Skalitsa village and the Community Center "Svetlina 1928", and aims to show the traditions related to the wine production in the municipality and to create emotional experiences for the people from the region, to give the guests information on the wine tasting, the expressions of fertility and good harvest. In the holiday can be included farmers from all the settlements of the municipality. Various competitions are organized - for best red wine, best white wine, best schnapps, and literary poem, essay or story about Wine and Love.


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