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Assembly in Shiroka Polyana

05 shiroka polyana

Shiroka polyana village, Haskovo municipality
+359 3707 2360
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Every year, on the 6th of May (St. George's Day) in Shiroka Polyana village, Haskovo municipality a meeting is held for the Hudrlese Muslim holiday. Thousands of Muslim aliens, at dawn, visit the religious temple and pray. At the national Assembly, beside the teke (ritual complex of buildings) of Ali Baba dating back to the 14th century, candles are lit like Christians. Women and children go out into the meadows and roll three times in the dewy grass for health.
On this day the saints Hadir and Ilyaz symbolize life, death and immortality. Confidence says that on the 5th to 6th of May, between the first cocks and the sunrise, the saints meet after one year of their journey on the earth. At the time of their encounter, immortality and reincarnation of the new beginning were created.

The inhabitants of the village adhere to the 500-year-old tradition, and on this day they are slaughtered kurban and cheerful. The traditional pilaf "keshkek", which is distributed to the believers, is also prepared.


"Together of Gergyovden" in Gorski Izvor

05 gorski izvor

Gorski Izvor village, Dimitrovgrad Municipality
Town Hall of the village Gorski Izvor
+359 3936 2220, +359 3936 2224, +359 391 682 82 

The regional folklore assembly "Together of Gergyovden" is held every year since 2005, on May 6, in the courtyard of the church "St. Georgi" in Gorski Izvor village, Dimitrovgrad municipality. The day of Saint George, named the local church, is celebrated. Organizers are Dimitrovgrad Municipality, Gorski Izvor Municipality, Probuda Community Center, Bodrovo Town Hall and Community Center Bodrost 1885.

Various festive events are organized - church services, spring flowers exhibition, florist club, playground, presentation of folklore groups. Prepare a kurban, which is sanctified by the local clergy and then distributed for the health of the guests. For this purpose a large shelter with tables and open kitchen is built.


Assembly in Tsareva Polyana

05 careva polyana

Tsareva polyana village, Stambolovo municipality
Community Center "Hristo Botev 1929"
+359 885 223 708, +359 879 635 776
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Every year, on the 6th of May in The Cross area near to Tsareva Polyana village, Stambolovo municipality, there is a feast dedicted to St. George the Victorious. Next to the church stands a large metal cross that was made in 2007. The people in the area gather around the hill to celebrate the saint and taste the illuminated kurban for health.


 Summer Niculden in Zdravets village

05 leten nikulden

Zdravets village, Dimitrovgrad Municipality
+359 3921 2234

Annually, on 9th May, in Zdravets village, Dimitrovgrad Municipality is held an assembly called "Summer Nikulden". The celebration dates back to 1087. It is not necessary to work on this day so that the saint is not angered and punished people with natural disasters. Women should not sew, because with the needle they will strike St. Nicholas' eyes. The worshipers carry icons and led by the priest walk through the fields with songs. There is a flood of sacred trees, springs and wells.

At Summer Niculden, as well as other spring holidays, another ancient rain ritual - Butterfly is performed. The girls choose a little girl who must be an orphan and they call it a "butterfly". People believe that by asking and crying the orphan will touch the heavens and they will send rain. In the village there is a fountain called "Bitter Fountain", which is believed that the spring water is useful for the eyes. Finally, in the village is made a kurban for St. Nicholas.


 Festival of the greenflower in Strandja

05 zelenika

Malko Tarnovo, Strandja Nature Park
1 Yanko Maslinkov Str.
+359 5952 3635
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In May, the period of flowering of the Strandzha greenflower, a Greenflower Festival is being held, which is a symbol of the park of the same name. The festival takes place every year in a different village and gathers hundreds of guests from all over the country.

The rich program includes competitions in culinary skills, dances and handicrafts, photo competition and playoff. Performances of folklore groups and demonstrations of local customs and traditions together with a bazaar of Strandzha products are part of the temptations for tourists. Guests of the event are immersed in the authentic atmosphere of the mountain.


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